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Nick Pinks, CEO and Founder of Covatic, is passionate about bringing personalisation to the media industry and his expertise includes a deep understanding of Engineering principles. A genuine creative, his solutions are innovative and employ cutting-edge technologies in new ways to deliver fresh capabilities. He is also a great communicator, able to bring complex business and technology concepts to a wide range of audiences clearly and succinctly. Nick is actively shaping the future of the digital advertising industry today.

Nick’s company, Covatic, is building the world’s first, user-centric personalisation solution; presented securely through mobile devices and aggregating large data sets to predict and deliver content the audience actually wants. The technical architecture is domain-agnostic, meaning it can be applied to many sectors. Covatic will initially exploit this technology in the broadcast sector, for all forms of video, radio and print media. Covatic will enable broadcasters to deliver context-aware, dynamic programming unique to each audience member; thereby representing an unparalleled consumer experience.

Nick has a first-class degree in Media Technology and Electronic Engineering.

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Nick Pinks, CEO, Covatic

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