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The Clerkenwell Brothers Create a New Identity for Plant-Based Food Unruly Food and Take a Stake

The Clerkenwell Brothers devises strategy and identity for new plant-based food alternative brand Unruly Food – and takes a stake in the business.

Following its appointment last year to devise a brand strategy, narrative, name and identity for new plant-based food brand, Unruly Food, The Clerkenwell Brothers has also taken an equity stake in the business.

Founded by Jason Gibb (co-founder of Bread and Jam) and Segun Akinwoleola (founder of Gym Kitchen), Unruly Food is a 100% plant-based, 0% preachy company, producing alternative food products aimed at full-time plant munchers, part-time flexi kids and animal-loving carnivores. The brand is guided by strong environmental values, and all Unruly Food products are soya free and GMO-free.

Unveiling the Unruly brand identity this week, Faraz Aghaei, Co-founder and Creative Director of The Clerkenwell Brothers, explained why they decided to invest in this exciting new entrant to the plant-based food sector: “When Jason and Segun approached us for this project we knew we had to get involved. Two co-founders of this calibre, and with this much knowledge of their industry, meant that we not only wanted to work with them, but we wanted a bite of the business too. We’re excited to reveal that UNRULY is the first of a few select brands and businesses that The Clerkenwell Brothers will be taking equity in this year.

“It’s about time we changed the notion that ‘creative’ is the colouring-in department. It can be a clear differentiator for a brand and business. That’s why we wanted to create something that looked like nothing else on the market. Brilliant ideas and identities not only help you stand out above the parapet, but effective branding also lowers the cost of customer acquisition. We’re chuffed with the UNRULY brand identity and can’t wait to see this in the real world.”

Led by the design essence of ‘free from constraints’ Unruly’s new brand positioning and identity is untamed and non-conforming. A bold logo lock-up, a combination of type variants, an effervescent palette and beautiful layering create a feeling of food so riotously good it will blow your socks off. “The brand identity was created to stand out from the crowd. The visuals embody our UNRULY attitude, through expressive typography and bold, brave colours, we aim to tempt you into a world with plant-based food Beyond Your Wildest Expectations” added Alice Dobbie, Chief of Art at The Clerkenwell Brothers.

The brand’s strapline ‘eat free’ nods towards the variety and choice on offer with Unruly Food, along with it’s non-judgemental approach to what could be seen as ‘guilty pleasures’. This is complemented in the design and visual language of the brand.

Jason Gibb, co-founder of Unruly, continues: “Plant-based is a category that’s becoming super-saturated and noisy. So when we were looking for an agency to partner and bring our ideas to life we needed to find a team at the top of their game, creating original, edgy, and out-standing branding and positioning. We met numerous agencies but there was only one option as far as we were concerned- The Clerkenwell Brothers.

It’s just the start for us, but we couldn’t be happier with naming, positioning, tone and aesthetic clarity of our brand. The Clerkenwell Brother have breathed life into an idea which we are sure will have a big impact in the plant-based space. And the bonus has been working with a group of amazing people with whom we can build our business in the long term.”

The Clerkenwell Brothers has taken an equity stake in the business, and will work as Unruly’s creative partners to initially bring the brand to life and continue providing creative services as the business grows.

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