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Sorry Italy by Subway

This ad is one of the two recent superhits for Subways and even though this review is a bit late we couldn't help but bring it back to enjoy.

It's just a 30-second spot produced by ad agency Above + Beyond that featured across TV and digital channels.

In the ad, Subway heads to Naples, the home of the pizza, to test out its new Pizza Sub on the city’s pizza traditionalists. Made in documentary style, the ad captures the reactions of Neapolitan pizza purists – some furious, some bemused, some in total disbelief – as they are faced with Subway’s unconventional approach to pizza.

This is one of those ads you can replay and not begin to hate - going to Italy and subtitling the ad instead of getting English-speaking actors takes it to the next level of authenticity.

And by avoiding the cliché of the Italian's actually liking the sandwich right off the bat or even having them come around to it again adds to the authenticity of the ad. Having the strap line 'Sorry, Italy' is actually unapologetic - the Subway team flouts the pizza establishment in the Naples creates a very untraditional product that reflects the UK and Ireland’s true pizza preferences. It's not there to win them over and Subway knew it would never win the pizza purists over so they flipped the clash on its head and made light of the situation.

The 'Sorry' is certainly the same type of sorry you give when do something that works but didn't get permission first. You know they'll forgive you and you say sorry with a smile.

The ad explores the different people you'll find in Naples streets; the 100 year old family owned pizzeria and its head chef, the local aunty who loves to feed you, the nightlife bodyguard you wouldn't want to mess with because he looks like he knows the mafia, the very religious aunt, and that loud friend group you always find playing dominoes at the café.

And they all hate it. And it's funny for Brits because we love it; that's the reverse psychology at play here.

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