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Shop & Play: Gamifying the Shopping Basket for Big Wins

Catalina, CPG brands and retail adviser, has launched a new plug and play gamification solution for UK retailers which engages customers and has been shown to significantly increase online sales.

New to the UK, Shop & Play is a simple to use e-commerce offering which gives customers a chance to ‘win their basket’ by playing an interactive game when shopping online with a subscribing retailer. The solution includes the entire customer journey from awareness of the competition and rules of entry to customer reward, and it links the purchase of specific products as the qualification needed to access the ‘game’.

Following checkout and validation of a linked purchase, a pop-in appears on screen inviting shoppers to play a casino-style fruit machine game which features a bespoke design to include the retailer’s logos and other relevant, brand-related images. The shopper then clicks on a black lever to activate the game and they’re given instant notification if they’ve won a prize. Through the platform Catalina can work with a retailer to facilitate any type of reward including cash-back, loyalty points or any other incentive.

Shop & Play is already running with a number of European retailers, including French supermarket group Carrefour, where it has delivered an impressive +15% uplift in e-commerce basket sales and a +20% uplift on advertised product sales.

Catalina’s UK Managing Director and VP, Prem Patel said: “We’re delighted to roll out Shop & Play to the UK market – it’s a unique and scalable solution for retailer’s websites that rewards customers, builds loyalty, and generates online sales. The platform is ideal for large retailers with multiple partner brands as it supports campaigns to drive full-priced sales of certain products or product categories.

“The impact of Shop & Play has been significant with stats from European retailers highlighting a major uplift in online sales among those which have embraced the platform. With a focus on customer engagement and an opportunity to add an element of differentiation to the e-com shopping experience, we look forward to working with UK-based retailers as we grow its presence here.”

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