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McDonald’s & Humberto Leon Reimagine Lunar New Year Traditions through Metaverse Experiences

The Golden Arches introduces a first ever cross-media collaboration, “McDonald’s Hall of Zodiacs: 2022 Lunar New Year by Humberto Leon,” to include red envelopes at select restaurants and national TV spot. To ring in Lunar New Year with style and innovation, McDonald’s has teamed up with Humberto Leon, co-founder of fashion brand Opening Ceremony, to create a one-of-a-kind collection of zodiac animal designs. Focused on the Year of the Tiger and its courageous and fearless qualities, the “McDonald’s Hall of Zodiacs: 2022 Lunar New Year with Humberto Leon,” is an immersive and interactive experience for fans that is set in the metaverse. As a Chinese-Peruvian American, Leon’s creative vision is largely shaped by his cross-cultural identity and passion to serve and celebrate his diverse background.

“Lunar New Year is not only a time to celebrate with family and friends, but also gives us Asian Americans the perfect opportunity to share our cultural heritage with people throughout the various communities we call home,” said Leon. “Partnering with McDonald’s means a lot to me because it’s a brand that has always been committed to embracing and celebrating the universality of all cultures, helping me see myself in the brand and in the world. Kicking off Lunar New Year with McDonald’s in a way that underscores the creativity and innovation of the Asian American community, makes me proud to offer a true expression of my identity and the influences that have shaped it, to which I know many will relate.”

Experience the Hall of Zodiacs

As a first in the U.S., McDonald’s is sending fans to a new place for their Lunar New Year celebrations. Fans can enter the life-like exhibit on virtual reality social platforms, AltspaceVR and Spatial, to experience the elegant McDonald’s gallery hosting Leon’s work. While there, fans can take in Leon’s zodiacs and receive horoscope readings that give foresight into their year ahead, based on birth year and zodiac animal. And feng shui expert and popular content creator Cliff Tan’s interior design direction takes it up a notch to give the feel-good space balanced energy. The exhibit can also be enjoyed via mobile and desktop, with additional info and instructions on how to access it at McDonald’s worked in tandem with multicultural ad agency, IW Group, to bring this campaign to life.

“We’re excited to reach our fans in a meaningful way that captures the essence of the Year of Tiger showcasing bravery, strength and confidence through art, while leveraging a digital experience that meets them in spaces they enjoy,” said Elizabeth Campbell, McDonald’s Senior Director of Cultural Engagement. “Bringing on Humberto Leon, a trailblazer who uses the world around him to influence his work and others, is what makes this a next-level moment for McDonald’s. We’re honored to celebrate this Lunar New Year through his art expressions and hope our fans will enjoy this very cool and celebratory experience with us.”

Honor Lunar New Year Traditions

As part of the cross-media collaboration, McDonald’s and Leon also produced a TV spot that features the designer’s reflections on beloved traditions for Lunar New Year while also speaking to his diverse identity. The spot airs nationwide on Asian news channels in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Share Good Luck and Prosperity And it wouldn’t be Lunar New Year without stunning red envelopes! Traditionally filled with money and given out to symbolize prosperity, these red envelopes designed exclusively for McDonald’s customers will feature Leon’s Year of the Tiger design. Customers who visit participating restaurants will receive a packet of two red envelopes that can be given to friends and family to honor the tradition of sharing good fortune.

This Lunar New Year celebration represents a longstanding commitment to the Asian American community, which includes celebrating meaningful cultural moments, such as last year’s Lunar New Year partnership with leading global Asian artist collective, 88rising and distributing custom red envelopes during San Francisco Chinese New Year Festival in 2020.

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