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Dr. Martens & Amplify Support Liverpool Radio Collective in Latest Chapter of ‘Dr. Martens Presents'

As the next chapter in the ‘Dr. Martens Presents’ series of cultural deep dives that champion up-and-coming talent and their communities, Amplify – the marketing agency that joins the dots between people, brands and culture – has created a film called Melodic Distraction, in reference to the eponymous Liverpool radio collective.

Amplify identified Melodic Distraction, Liverpool’s leading independent radio station, as the perfect beneficiary of Dr. Martens’ support. Facing eviction from the station’s long term community home, Dr. Martens provided a temporary space from which the Melodic Distraction team could continue bringing the local community together by providing a platform for their network of DJs and listeners. The film was shot under tier 3 lockdown restrictions.

‘Dr. Martens Presents’ supports emerging creators by fuelling their resilience and sharing it with the world. Working to an open brief, the platform gives these artists the opportunity to share their identity, realise their ambitions and promote their culture while also raising awareness for local subculture causes.

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