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Arcadia’s Brand Portfolio Worth £800 Million up for Grabs

In January 2020, Brand Finance estimated the value of the Arcadia Group Ltd portfolio of brands at £800 million with Topshop accounting for a substantial proportion. It is the latest high street brand to go under, following Debenhams, House of Fraser and Edinburgh Woollen Mills.

Richard Haigh, Managing Director of Brand Finance, commented: "Despite the huge brand value at the start of the year, none of Arcadia’s portfolio was on the balance sheet. Much of the value will now have been lost due to the collapse of the business but Arcadia going into administration offers an unmissable opportunity for strategic acquisitions. Deloitte will have an interesting job extracting the value from an impressive portfolio of brands.”

Topshop has a long history on the British High Street, starting as high fashion for the "young and different generation" in the mid-1960s, and – despite some natural changes and adaptions – has maintained its appeal over the years.

According to Brand Finance’s Global Brand Equity Monitor survey, 93% of UK consumers are aware of Topshop and 60% are familiar with the brand. Furthermore, 73% of those familiar would consider purchasing from the retailer - these figures are in no way the hallmark of a dead brand.

Richard Haigh, Managing Director of Brand Finance, commented, “Topshop’s sheen has slipped in recent years – not helped by the various scandals that owner Philip Green has found himself in, from the BHS collapse to bullying and harassment claims. The fall of Arcadia represents the slow crumbling of bricks and mortar retail as online competition continues to develop. The question is: will Topshop be consigned to the bin or will it be given another chance? There is life left in the brand if it finds its way into the hands of someone with the correct vision and strategy.”

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